Collection: Part 2


Field Notes

What is the advantage/strength of observational drawing?
For this project, observational drawing is the most important research method we use to develop the final outcome. I think the strength of this method is to help me to record down a lot of information around me. Observational drawing is not only for recording the visible thing (such as objects, peoples, texture etc) but also have the ability to record the invisible thing such as sound and emotion. Although the drawing is rough because we have to draw down all we see and feel very quickly, but it is very helpful when I try to come out some idea for final piece.

What do you focus on during the drawing stage?
We are ask to draw at least 10 observation drawing today, so I try to record down different things within these 10 drawing since I haven't decide what I want to draw for the final drawing. Some of them are focus on people and some of them is only about object such as building, table, plant etc. I think the invisible thing like sound and feeling is also an important part of the drawing so I try to record them through different marks and colours.

What is the hardest part when you draw?
I think the hardest part is the movement of peoples and the change of surrounding. Since this is not like the art class that we all sit in a classroom and sketch an object, everything is moving and keep changing position when I try to record them by drawing. So I need to think about which moment I want to draw and have to memorize that moment so I'm able to finsih the drawing. I found that it is important to understand which information is more outstanding and important when there are too many information surround you.

What do you think about the location? Where else you feel you want to go and draw th observational drawing?
I think Barbican is an amazing place to draw, because it have several different type of area imcluding both outdoor and indoor. Moreover the building itself is very beautiful and have interesting structure and shape. If I'm going to do another observation drawing, I think park and tube station will be two nice choice for me. Tube station is a place that have a lot of peoples and noice, I think it will be a perfect place to record a sense of fast-paced life. As for park, is a place that people go when they have time and want to have a rest, and most of the time with their friend, lover or family. It is a sweet place that have different atmosphere with other part of the city. Moreover, a lot of wild animal could be found in park, so it might be a good place to go if I want to record wildlife.


Narrative flux

What story did you choose for this project? Why?
The story I choose is come from animal documentary. Is about iguana chased by snake. There are several reason why I choose this story. First, I think the final piece will be very interesting if there is a big conflict between characters. This is a chase between two animal, we can feel the tension between them. Second, compare to human character, it is more easy to differentiate animal character. especially in this case, iguana have very different shape with the snake. Last, I think the shape of snake could be a perfect link that connect whole piece as one.

How did you connect the picture all together?
I use snake as the main element to connect the picture all together. Snake is one if the main characters of the story, and we can find this character almost every scene. Moreover, the story is about snake chasing baby iguana, so using snake as the connection could give audience a sense of unescapable which help to create the tension between two main characters.

How does it feel to use only black ink to draw the character?
We have try with many different mark with only brush and black ink in class. I think it is hard to use only black ink to shape character, because when we take away the other element such as color, we need to think about how to use different mark to represent different character.

How did you shape the character?
I use different decorative mark to shape and differentiate the characters. I've try with several different mark and pick the one I think that is most suitable for the character. I use the dot mark on iguana and use circular line for snake. Dot is the shortest line we can use, and I think it can help audience to understand that baby iguana is vulnerable with this type of mark.



What is your story about?

My story is a fairy tale call memory bottle. Is about a old man who collect his memory in bottle. He collect a lot of bottle, one after another, but he never show them to anyone else. One day, a little boy come and ask if he could show his collection of those memory bottle. Old man said if you can keep the secret for me I'll show you my bottle. Then, the old man show the boy his childhood memory. After that day, the old man have one more bottle as his collection, which is the lovely afternoon with that little boy.

How are you going to present this story?

I think the most important part of this story is the collection of memory bottle. I wonder how to show the audience that old man have collect a lot of bottle. In the class, tutor ask me to focus only the bottle first. I think this could be a good idea, so I could use the first few print to show that the old man have collect a lot of memory bottle. As for the material, I did some research on printing with vegetable, I think it will be good to try because some vegetable like chili or green pepper's print look like a bottle. 

Hear make heard

In this project, we are ask to find a sound track and use it as a starting point to make our own book. The sound archive I found is come from the website of british library, "Peter Kennedy Collection- Mary Swan, Calshot, Hampshire 1962 (tristan de Cunka islanders) Tape 2". It is an interview of an old lady named Swan Mary. They talk about several topic, but I decided to focus on the first part of the interview that talk about the day in housewife's life. I think this part is very interesting. She have describe to us what role did the housewife play in old day, and she also list several work that housewife have to do everyday. I'm thinking about making a wearable "book" that can wear on women body. I think it help audience to understand the topic for this book is about housewife and the role of housewife if they can see the book is on a women body.

After several experiment with fabric, I decided to change the topic. Since this project is unclear and too big as a theme for a project, and when I show the other the sample for the "book", they always having the question of is this a book or not. After careful consideration, I choose a sound track about dream and surrealism. It talk about if it possible to work only with subconscious.

Like many surrealism artist have done, I start to record my dream with words and drawing. At the beginning, I found the hardest part for me to record the dream is I always forgot the detail of the dream, and I cannot remmeber everything I dream.  A lot of part is missing. For solving this problem, I add my imagination in it in order to create a "story". 

For the book binding, I choose the most simple one, the one with three hole. I choose this one because there are only few page to this book, and this type of book binding is quiet suitable for a this book. As for the cover of the book, I put a piece of fabric on the white background. I sew a lot of thread on it,so it's very messy and colourful. I think this kind of chaotic and messy feeling is just like the feeling my dream give me.

Field Notes

What did you learn from today class?
I learn how to reorganize the drawing we did yesterday. I have try both negative and positive position that put the main character in bottom right corner or top right corner. For my final outcome, I use poaitive position.

How does it feel when you draw on large scale paper?
Drawing on largr scale paper is more difficult for me, because when we draw on a larger paper, the white space become bigger and the picture look empty. The amount of white space we left for our drawing become an important problem for us. This is less important when we draw on small paper. Moreover, when we draw on a large paper on the wall, we need to keep changing the relationship between us and paper. If we stand close, we can draw on paper and focus on the detail of drawing. However, we still need to look it in a distance to help ourself to see the overall structure.

What is the difficulty when you draw?
In my drawing, there are several characters and I use a lot of color to draw them. As the result, the picture look very untidy, and I need to add a background for my picture. The color and the amount of white space to keep become a problem for me. I try with several ways to paint the background. At the end I use bright yellow as the main color of the background because I don't want to destory the bright tone of my original painting so it will be better if I use bright color rather than dark color. I also use black color as the background color for the main character so it become outstanding from the other character.


Narrative flux

What is the second color you want to use? Why?
The second color I use is green. I use this color because the story is about animal, so I pick the color that can represent nature and wildlife. I've consider yellow before I make my final decision. This is because the story between iguana and snake is take place on sand, and yellow is the color for sand. However, I think green will be better because it help audience to think about natural world immediately.

How does it feel to draw on a long strip of paper?
I think the biggest different from normal drawing is we need to create a narrative on this long strip of paper. The final outcome is like a story book for child.


Narrative flux

How does it feel to work on a project for two week?
I like it really much. This is the first time we work on a project for two week. I have more time to think about this project and to develop the character.

How is this outcome different from your past work?
The outcome for this project is very different from my pervious work. Normally, I like to use shape and color to shape the character, but this time, our outcome only can have two color. I focus more on mark in this project, and try to explore more possibility to use mark to form characteristic. It is very different from how I work on my pervious work.

Do you like your final outcome? What is the failure of it?
Yes, I think the whole picture connect together quiet well and the audience is able to understand what happen without my explanation. However, the biggest failure of it is the position of two layer of print. The black print on the top is not in the correct position.



What have you bring to the class today?

I bring several items such as green pepper, chilli, pasta, compressed biscuit to the class. I really like the idea to print with food so I decided to focus on food. 

Is the print you did today work well? 

All the experiment I did today are fail. Espeacially printing with vegetable is much more harder that I think. The vegetable like green pepper and chilli are too juciy, because of this characteristic, I'm not able to use the press machine to print. Even the hand print didn't give good result, the juice of the food will leave some mark on the paper. Pasta and biscuit is too crispy, so it will break when I try to print with them. However, if I don't press hard enough, it won't leave any mark on the paper. I decide to rethink about what object I want to use to print. Since this is a story about bottle and memory, I wonder if I could just use plastic bottle to print. 


At the end, I end up with using plastic bottle to present the two main characters ( the old man and the little boy). I cut the plastic into different shape and always use the same color to present one character so audiece can distinguish two characters. As for the memory bottle, I also use the plastic bottle to print. Every bottle is in the same shape, but I use three different colors in order to make the picture mmore colorful. Moreover, in the fairy tale, the author also mention that the bottle with different color represent different emotion. Some of them represent happiness and some of them is about sadness. However, I did not use bright warm colors such as yellow or orange for the bottle, because I want to seperate the bottle and the two characters (Characters is in yellow and orange color.)



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